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===== IPv6 Master Server ===== ===== IPv6 Master Server =====
-A master server for OpenArena keeps a list of publicly available game servers, along with some information about them (current player count, game mode, map). When the user opens OA's Multiplayer menu, the game connects to one of the master servers to fetch a list of currently running game servers and their state to show in the game list. +The public IPv6 master server service has been discontinued for the time being, due to lack of interest (aka no actual servers registering on it).
- +
-There is now an OpenArena master server with both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. +
- +
-  * IPv6+IPv4 clients see both IPv4 and IPv6 servers; +
-  * IPv4-only clients see IPv4 servers only; +
-  * IPv6-only clients see IPv6 servers only. +
- +
-The address is ''dpmaster.version6.ru''. +
- +
-The primary purpose of this dpmaster server is to prove that IPv6 support can be enabled on a public dpmaster without any disruption of service to IPv4-only gamers. It probably will be turned off if/when ''dpmaster.deathmask.net'' adds IPv6 support. +
- +
-To try it out, enter +
-<code>\sv_master2 "dpmaster.version6.ru"</code> +
-in the console, then go to the **Multiplayer** menu, select "**Servers: Internet (2)**" at the top of the screen and click "**Refresh**" at the bottom. +
- +
-If you run an IPv6-capable OpenArena dedicated server, you can use this master server in addition to dpmaster.deathmask.net, in this case add to your server config: +
-<code>sv_master2 "dpmaster.version6.ru"</code> +
-and your server will register on both dpmasters automatically. +
- +
-For testing purposes the following hostnames are also available: +
-  * ''dpmaster6.version6.ru'' - IPv6 address only; +
-  * ''dpmaster4.version6.ru'' - IPv4 address only.+
==== Links ==== ==== Links ====

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